Service Portfolio

XSteel USA LLC specializes in trading a broad portfolio of steel and steel related products. We provide a range of value added services over the entire supply chain.

Our professionals have spent years developing global relationships and contacts in the steel industry. These connections provide XSteel USA LLC a unique capacity for matching the needs and requirements of our clients. Whether you are looking to buy or sell steel or steel related products, our professional, experienced, and motivated staff will assist you in designing and handling cost-effective taylor-made solutions.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

XSteel USA LLC professionals have the experience to provide you with cost effective supply chain related business solutions. We can provide or arrange logistics, including land, air or maritime transportation and load/discharge. We can also arrange product quality surveys, stevedoring warehousing, inventory management and help with importation procedures.

Structured Trade

Businessman giving an handshakeStructured Trade Solutions

Structured trade solutions encompass risk conscious, captial efficient, business solutions and concepts with regard to the entire supply chain of steel products and industries. XSteel USA LLC provides our clients with a suite of services that can be combined and custom tailored to the clients needs. Some of the services offer include:

  • Customized financial solutions
  • Optimized risk management
  • Minimized transaction costs
Risk Management

Risk Management

The long-term international presence and experience of our professionals allows for a high-level risk identification, prevention and risk mitigation process. Our risk management process can include:

  • Identification of transaction risk
  • Management of transaction related insurance needs
  • Offer of transaction related financing tools
Financial and Insurance

Financial and Insurance Solutions

XSteel USA LLC recognizes financial and insurance solutions are an integral part of many steel transactions.

We work internationally with solid financial institutions allowing us to provide customized and cost efficient finance and insurance solutions. Your customized solution can include:

  • Arraingement of transaction related financing
  • Prefinancing for qualifying transaction
  • Individualized payment terms
  • Management of financial and physical risks in the transaction


Whether by ship, air, truck or rail – XSteel USA LLC  can provide custom-tailored transport solutions exactly to your needs. From transportation and quality assurance to regulatory requirements we can arrange a program to meet your requirements.


  • Maritime shipping
  • Rail/Truck loading
  • Inland transport
  • Storage
  • Stevedoring

Quality Assurance

  • Inspections
  • Loading/Discharge surveys
  • Transport Insurance
  • Packaging


  • Taxes and duties
  • Customs duties
  • Import and export licenses